Friday, August 15, 2014

The Gentlewoman Remains.

Voila! A puff of dust, a rubbing at your eyes... and here I am.

But god, what has become of this space?

There are still followers? That seems hard to believe. Are you still out there? Have you not suffocated in the void? Moved on to greener digital pastures?

And what could I still have to say, after such a deafening silence? This goes back to my basic aversion to the inherent narcissism of blogging, but maybe there's something...

I've started a little poetry blog as well, but that is strictly for poetry-- a pursuit which I'm owning up to more and more these days. Who would have thought? I think I will take back up this space as a site of reflection and general spleen-vent. Sound good, cold world?

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